We provide a broad range of psychotherapy to people of all ages, as individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Our staff is trained and experienced in all types of psychotherapy, including psychoanalytic, humanistic, existential, and cognitive-behavioral therapies, and employ techniques including hypnosis and relaxation. The commonality is that talking within a supportive, safe, and confidential relationship with the therapist helps people overcome problems and reach their potential.

Our shared goal is to help people resolve their problems and reach their goals within the shortest, most reasonable period of time, in ways which are most effective and match the therapist and the therapy to the needs of the person seeking the service.

We believe that, while it is our obligation to help people resolve the specific difficulties which have brought them to our practice, we should also be available to help them identify their strengths and positive attributes and develop those capacities to their fullest potential.  It is the maximizing of strengths which helps people avoid development of significant psychological problems in the future and cope with whatever stressors they may experience.


Neurofeedback uses computerized feedback to allow individuals to “teach” their brains to increase certain brainwaves that are helpful for improved function.  With training, people can train their brains to decrease excessive fast or slow brainwaves that interfere with optimal functioning.  For example, if someone has excessive amounts of certain EEG frequencies (e.g., theta or alpha) in the frontal lobes of his/her brain, he/she might experience depression or obsessive-compulsive symptoms.  By training the brain to reduce slower brainwaves and increase faster brainwave activity, symptoms are often reduced in severity and frequency and, over time, the new brain behavior is “learned.” 



Sometimes medication is an important part of treatment.  If medication becomes necessary we appreciate the profound importance of accurate medical diagnosis before medical intervention. That's why we question so carefully about medical and biomedical issues in that first visit.

At PSA we offer far more than simple prescriptions and often meaningless, whimsical medication checks. We strongly believe that every medication should be checked in detail at every medication check, and that biomedical details [the way the body uses the medications]  matter immensely. Far too many fail to grasp the important, absolutely essential, common-sense fact that medications must first pass through the body to get to the mind. Last time we checked the mind was indeed connected to the body. Treatment failure predictably arises from overlooking these indisputable connections.

IMPORTANT - Refill Process: There are several ways we provide added value through time sensitive medication refills. The basic structure for that process is:



EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is based on the fact that humans are naturally resilient and adaptive. When trauma happens it interrupts our ability to heal and move on. Research has demonstrated that EMDR is the treatment of choice for Posttraumatic Stress; it is also extremely effective in treating other emotional problems.  You do not need to have had an identifiable trauma in your life like war, childhood abuse or rape to benefit from this therapy. If you are anxious, depressed, have suffered a loss or are struggling in your relationships, EMDR can help.

Our therapists, Emily Taraskiewicz, Bob Newman, Jean Schlichter and Deborah Mostert, are proficient in using EMDR as an integrative approach to healing. To find out more about how this therapy works and if it might benefit you, call Deborah at 961-0606.




Hope Christian Counseling has been an integral part of Parker Schlichter and Associates for over 17 years. Counseling in our popular culture has often been viewed as secular and dismissive of Christian values, resulting in Christians being skeptical of its usefulness in solving the problems of daily life. At Hope Christian Counseling we integrate the fundamental and well-researched principles of psychotherapy with the wisdom of Scripture. Persons seeking therapy from a Christian perspective will be relieved to have their values and beliefs respected and seen as instrumental in resolving human challenges such as depression and anxiety, parenting, relationship problems and substance abuse.

Christian psychotherapy is not preaching or teaching. It uses Holy Scripture as a resource in the therapeutic process for those who find it essential to their lives.

Both skilled psychotherapy and the Bible along with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit work together to achieve the results necessary to enjoy this life.

Hope Christian counselors include Pam Billing and Deborah Mostert. For questions about how Christian psychotherapy works and if it can benefit you, call Pam Billing or Deborah Mostert at 961-0606.

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11