Jean Schlichter, LCSW, has more than 30 years of professional experience with clients with diverse emotional, cognitive and behavioral issues in need of resolution. Her knowledge base has expanded with each stage of her development as a psychotherapist. She has worked with people facing various challenges, including those related to single life, relationship problems, women’s issues, experiences of grief and loss, and hardships associated with trauma. This often involves exploration of spirituality and meaning that may be found in life’s uncertain and difficult times.

Positive aging and end of life concerns have become of particular interest in her work. Over the years, she has been consistently reinforced in her belief that the strongest, wisest people are those who seek help as a way of learning to deal effectively with stressful and often overwhelming circumstances. She considers psychotherapy to be a collaborative process, designed to identify and direct clients’ strengths in establishing confidence and empowerment. This process frequently requires the use of stress reduction techniques to create conditions favorable to clear thinking and problem solving. Jean makes optimal use of the wealth of resources offered by her colleagues, making referrals as deemed appropriate, for services such as medication, psychological, and forensic evaluations. She also enjoys investigating alternative health resources with clients,
according to their expressed needs and interests. Jean is one of those people who will hang in there with you, understands the complexity of life’s challenges, and will help you connect with any resources that will speed you along your recovery way.