Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor who, over the years since 1999, has consulted in various settings in the mental health field, including home-based and school settings. Emily easily works with a wide range of clients (children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups). Her specific areas of practice experience include, but are not limited to: managing difficult emotions and behaviors, ADHD, communication skills, parenting, trauma recovery, empowerment, and balanced relationship management.

Past community projects include assisting a local church with setting up a counseling ministry for church members with a history of sexual abuse, and facilitating multiple groups of Virginia Beach middle school students and high school freshman who were in danger of academic failure due to behavioral issues. Emily is an expert at Transition Management.

Emily Emphasizes Possibilities Not Problems

Emily’s therapeutic perspective combines a strength-based, self management approach, as well as psychoeducational and cognitive behavioral strategies. She utilizes play and other creative therapies when working with younger children. Emily’s objectives for all of her clients include improved relationships with self and others, more effective decision-making, better communication with others, and healthy general day-to-day functioning with self accountability and self awareness.

Special Additional Training

Additionally, Emily trained in, and now uses the latest Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)applications. This technique assists clients in managing emotions resulting from a variety of traumatic or painful past experiences. Even further, Emily also provides Neurofeedback (NFB) protocols, and works diligently to stay at the front edge of brain/neuroscience strategies that can hasten recovery and self management skills.

Emily received her Master’s degree at Regent University and was subsequently invited by Regent University to develop curriculum and instruct several undergraduate courses in psychology in 2006 and 2007.

On A Personal Note

We love working with Emily at our PSA offices and appreciate her step-up-to-the-plate, can-do spirit with some of the most challenging life problems. Fresh, with winsome energy, Emily remains steadfast and unflappable even in torrential storms.