Dr. Jeff Schlichter (partner in Parker, Schlichter & Associates, PC), is a Forensic and Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University.

Dr. Schlichter has been in psychotherapy private practice for 29 years. He treats children, adolescents, and adults who have cognitive, mood, and behavioral difficulties, and relationship problems in families and couples (stemming from and resulting in separation and divorce, and from psychological, physical, and sexual abuse in marriages and families).

His work is based on principles of cognitive-behavioral (CBT) psychotherapy, in the context of relationships emphasizing caring, warmth, the utmost respect for patients and clients, establishment of achievable therapeutic goals, maintenance of appropriate personal boundaries, and observation of high ethical standards.

Family Law

Also specializing in forensic psychology, Dr. Schlichter’s practice focuses primarily in the area of family law. He performs court-ordered independent child custody and parenting capacity evaluations, conducts co-parenting therapy with separated and divorced parents, consults with family lawyers, and provides advice to parents involved in protracted custody struggles. He is a family mediator, providing mediation for separated and divorced parents attempting to devise parenting schedules and resolve other child-rearing issues.

Dr. Schlichter is a Collaborative Divorce Coach, working with teams comprised of attorneys, mental health professionals, and neutral financial professionals to help divorcing couples arrive at durable and life-enhancing agreements which ensure the most effective post-divorce functioning for themselves and their children. He also serves as a neutral Child Specialist working in the context of collaborative divorce teams.
He has found working as a member of collaborative divorce teams to be an exceptionally gratifying part of his professional life, as helping divorcing couples restrucuture their families without litigation produces agreements about which everyone can feel positively.

Dr. Schlichter was trained in coaching by Ben Dean, Ph.D., a Master Certified Coach and the founder of MentorCoach.com, which trains mental health professionals to become coaches. Following completion of intensive training and personal coaching with Ben Dean, Dr. Schlichter established his own coaching practice, in which he provides both in-office and virtual (telephone) coaching to clients, locally and nationwide. He coaches individuals attempting to reach personal goals, as well as professionals seeking to improve their work lives, and owners, managers, and employees of family businesses wishing to improve the functioning of both their businesses and their families. In his coaching practice he use principles of Positive Psychology in working with high-functioning adults motivated to make significant and positive changes which will improve the quality of their lives.

Dr. Schlichter is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and three divisions of APA, the Psychology and Law Society (Division 41), Psychologists in Independent Practice (Division 42), and the Division of Family Psychology (Division 43). He is also a member of the Virginia Psychological Association (VPA), the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists (VACP), a Fellow of the Tidewater Academy of Clinical Psychologists (TACP), of which he is a Past President, a registrant with the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and a member of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Chldren (APSAC). He is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) (www.collaborativepractice.com), Virginia Collaborative Professionals (VaCP) (www.vacollaborativepractice.com), and Collborative Divorce Solutions of Tidewater (CDST).