• Wallflowers, Only Briefly

    The Wallflowers Are Back!


    Can-Do For Wallflowers

    Can-Do For Wallflowers

    Jody Foley, LCSW brings back these delightful Wallflower group meetings, one for Middle School girls and another specifically for High School girls with a variety of issues associated with self esteem, depression, peer bullying, – and including self harming activities. Download the pdf details: Here.

    “Only briefly” because these groups diminish that wallflower state of mind…

    Personal Note:

    I see some of these girls for medication checks and I can tell you, right from their own reports during those checks, that they are the ones that love Jody’s process, her group format, and want to keep these groups going. The girls and the parents are quite pleased.  Out team loves Jody’s sensitive but nevertheless straight talk about any issues, from our work together in the office, to difficulties with shared patients. Jody personifies our mission statement, as she: Makes every meeting matter.


    Please download this pdf for both group schedules, information on topics, and content for further questions. Both groups held here, downstairs at Parker, Schlichter on Mondays. Do give Jody a call or ask the front desk for more details.

    Have a super school year!

    Dr Charles Parker
    PSA and CorePsych

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