• UPDATE: “The Wallflower”

    The Wallflower Girls #2

    This posting provides fresh information on this new series of group sessions. Check out the download link for details Hurry to review and sign up before May 28th, girls group starts on June 2. Groups led by Jody Foley, LCSW and Emily Ballester, LPC.

    As therapists at Parker, Schlichter and Associates, we have been observing a significant increase in self injurious actions among middle school and high school age girls.  In fact, it is estimated that 50% of adolescents, mostly girls, will engage in self-injurious behavior as a method of coping with their feelings of conflict and confusion.

    These counterproductive actions are always accompanied by feelings of depression and low self-esteem. Sometimes they can related to group behaviors at school and peer relationship challenges. Each year the number of girls engaging in this behavior grows.  We have designed an 8 week Wallflower Girls Depression Group/Program (click < this link to download the new PDF explaining the details) to aid middle school and high school girls with their feelings and apprehensions and help them to learn better ways to cope with these feelings.

    This second Wallflower Girls #2 group responds to the success with pleased girls and parents of Wallflower Girls #1 – it was a hit.

    Additionally, we provide a Parent Program – offered every other week, starting June 9th to the completion of the girls 8 week program – in order to provide parents with education and tools to help them in dealing with their daughter’s self-destructive behavior.   Each parent that wishes to attend the group must have their own individual account set up with Parker, Schlichter & Associates office. It is highly recommended parents attend the parent sessions – please contact the front desk to schedule yourself to attend. Again, parent response was uniformly positive.

    Give the front office a call if you have any questions and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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