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    • 02 JUL 12
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    The Disorganized Mind

    Is ADHD Getting in the Way of Your Achieving Your Goals?  A Guest Post by Roger C. Parker (No Relation) I wish I had read Nancy Ratey’s The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents 20 or 30 years ago. Reading The Disorganized Mind could have made

    • 22 NOV 11
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    EMDR Training At Parker Schlichter and Associates 2

    Notice! Heather Boynton LCSW Offers EMDR Training At PSA Make sure you read and pass this announcement along to your mental health colleagues. Heather Boynton sets the tone for seriously happy EMDR Trainees. With EMDR training therapists can immediately start using EMDR techniques in daily practice to unlock the next steps toward therapeutic improvements. In

    • 19 APR 10
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    ADHD Medication Rules: What To Do

    The ADHD Medication Book: Coming Soon Yes, I’ve been talking about my ADHD Medication book for more than a year – and in that year it has been updated with increasingly interesting and useful information for immediate street application. I will not only tell you why so many are having problems with meds, I will

    • 22 OCT 09
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    Vitamin D3: H1N1 Flu, Depression, Autism

    Vitamin D3 Needs Attention On Several Levels Just take the time to go through these many Vitamin D3 links, and do watch this video by Dr John Cannell. We have been hearing about the importance of D3 with depression for years, and know that it is directly connected with good thyroid function. Harvard is now

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