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    • 08 OCT 15
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    Automated Missed Appointment Calls

    If you received an automated call stating that you missed an appointment with our office,¬†disregard the message. Also, please don’t contact the office regarding this matter! There was a glitch in the system that called over 2,000 patients that might have missed an appointment within the last 3 years. However, the glitch is fixed and

    • 05 SEP 15
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    Parent Support At PSA

    Parenting Practice at PSA – 6 Groups —————- Pull out your calendar now – October 5 is right around the corner. Only 6 sessions to evolve your family interactions. Informed, conflict resolution strategies from a senior, fun, authentic – and helpful, straightforward – social worker who understands the complexity of raising kids. Jody is accustomed

    • 17 AUG 15
    • 1

    Wallflowers, Only Briefly

    The Wallflowers Are Back! ————— Jody Foley, LCSW brings back these delightful Wallflower group meetings, one for Middle School girls and another specifically for High School girls with a variety of issues associated with self esteem, depression, peer bullying, – and including self harming activities. Download the pdf details: Here. “Only briefly” because these groups

    • 27 SEP 14
    • 2

    From Wallflowers to Real Girls

    Growing Up Gets Easier With Real Girls PSA Girls Groups Take a New Direction: Wallflowers To Real Girls —————- Reality Matters! Sign up for 8 weeks and experience the value of working together on commonly experienced problems for adolescent women considering next steps in the real world. The girls who work with Jody Foley, LCSW

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