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    • 22 MAY 14
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    UPDATE: “The Wallflower”

    The Wallflower Girls #2 This posting provides fresh information on this new series of group sessions. Check out the download link for details ↓ Hurry to review and sign up before May 28th, girls group starts on June 2. Groups led by Jody Foley, LCSW and Emily Ballester, LPC. As therapists at Parker, Schlichter and

    • 24 FEB 14
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    Depression and Self-­Injury Group for Girls

    Why Depression and Girls? As therapists at Parker, Schlichter and Associates, we have been observing a significant increase in self injurious actions among middle school and high school age girls.  In fact, it is estimated that 50% of adolescents, mostly girls, will engage in self-injurious behavior as a method of coping with their feelings.  

    • 02 NOV 13
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    EMDR Training Update – Jan 2014

    EMDR Basic Training Update At PSA – January 2014 Heather Boynton LCSW Provides More Training Opportunities Make sure you read and pass this announcement along to your mental health colleagues. Heather Boynton sets the tone for seriously happy EMDR Trainees. With EMDR training therapists can immediately start using EMDR techniques in daily practice to unlock

    • 04 OCT 13
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    ADHD Quotes To Improve Awareness

    Advance ADHD Awareness – October 2013 [First published at CorePsych 10-1–13] Why do some deny the Reality of ADHD? Why the confusion? Why so much dissatisfaction with ADHD treatment strategies, and ADHD medications in particular? Short Answer Peer reviewed science remains, far too often, almost completely overlooked. From the woefully outdated, superficial, behavior-driven DSM 4/5

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