• Impulsivity Translated for Street Applications: The Impulsive Brain (Oct. 16th)

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    School has started, the Fall is upon us, we are back at work with questions about just what to do with Impulsivity.

    Impulsivity is, without doubt, the most frequent challenge in our daily lives – for mental health professionals, teachers, HR professionals, physicians, and anyone working with administrative challenges. Impulsivity works against administration, works against group order, works against progress – and can be downright embarrassing.

    Want a recent example of Impulsivity? Lay your politics aside for a moment, and simply ask yourself this question – was it a productive contribution when Rep Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie!” at Obama’s Joint Session of Congress? No matter what you think of national health care take a look at this guy, and see which side you are on regarding good order.

    Affect mismanagement, emotional dysregulation – loosing it – creates havoc in families, work sites and the world, locally and internationally. Someone’s impulsivity has impacted your life. Impulsivity, from anger to suicide, destroys both the self and relationships. Impulsivity is the hallmark of poor management and atypical of balanced leadership – just ask Jack Welch,  or read his book on Leadership.

    Was Wilson’s outburst ‘just a quirk?’ Who knows… Was it a problem, you bet! – And no, I will not conjecture about his prefrontal cortex.

    Wilson’s interruption, his inappropriate shout during a presidential speech,  is but a small example of a seriously overlooked problem we see everyday in any group setting. So often we write impulsivity off as ‘character,’ or ‘passion,’ or ‘immaturity,’ even with adults!

    – Reminds me of a person in advertising who still lives by the adage “You’re only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.” He manages to live up to that creed, and has torn up his family in the process. There is a price for immaturity. There is, my friends, a biology for both impulsivity and immaturity.

    The Impulsive Brain – Details on exactly what it is, why it is, and how to fix it.

    If you live anywhere in the Norfolk, Va Beach, DC or Richmond area, [anywhere on the East Coast] and work in the context of human services you will appreciate this opportunity at Norfolk’s Old Dominion University to look more carefully at new brain and behavioral insights into the problem of Impulsivity.

    • I will be presenting 1 full day of details there on Fri Oct 16th, just around the corner in time.
    • ODU Registration has a discounted rate for groups, and a low fee for these challenging times
    • 6 hr CEU & 6 hr CME,
    • The fix will detail the latest in diagnostic evidence regarding Impulsivity, and
    • Details about the right meds and
    • The new process of actually measuring neurotransmitters to target specific interventions
    • New advances in ADHD treatment
    • New insights into Brain Injury
    • Specific interventions for Bipolar Disorder
    • The Biologic Contributions to Addiction Recovery.
    • Without getting away from bottom line street applications.

    If you can’t use it, I won’t be dwelling on it. Translation, street language and concepts are the key to informed intervention strategies.

    Please forward this to your colleagues and friends and let’s make a day of it.


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