• From Wallflowers to Real Girls

    Growing Up Gets Easier With Real Girls

    PSA Girls Groups Take a New Direction: Wallflowers To Real Girls


    Reality Matters! Sign up for 8 weeks and experience the value of working together on commonly experienced problems for adolescent women considering next steps in the real world. The girls who work with Jody Foley, LCSW – and voted to continue the group to move forward with new solutions. Girls can start anytime with the objective of at least those 8 weeks – the group is on-going, so entry will be easy for new girls.


    The group is for middle school and high school age girls dealing with depression and all associated insecurities including self-injury, self-esteem, body image, social media communication, cyber-bullying and troubled friendships. The group is no longer strictly for girls dealing with self-injury.

    Jody continues the original, very well received Wallflower group to now include everyday stuckness, low self esteem, depression and problems with peer interactions. Previous Wallflowers love this new direction: Real Girls.

    Jody provides new perspectives for problems often difficult to detect, identify and process in family circumstances – no matter how loving and well adjusted. In Jody’s groups she works with girls to help their peers to put real conflicts out on the table and get them resolved. Real Girls is a super group for young, lost, insecure adolescent women who need support to cross that challenging boundary into self confident adolescence.

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