• EMDR Training Update – Jan 2014

    EMDR TrainingEMDR Basic Training Update At PSA – January 2014

    Heather Boynton LCSW Provides More Training Opportunities

    Make sure you read and pass this announcement along to your mental health colleagues. Heather Boynton sets the tone for seriously happy EMDR Trainees. With EMDR training therapists can immediately start using EMDR techniques in daily practice to unlock the next steps toward therapeutic improvements.

    Starting Jan. ’14 – download the details below. Training at Parker Schlichter and Associates, > Map on the home page here – see the pdf outline for the specific room. – Outline Download Below 

    > Heather is the only Nationally EMDRIA Approved Trainer in the state of Virginia.

    Why EMDR? Eye Movements Matter

    Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic technique used to alleviate disturbing and traumatic memories as well as other mental health symptoms.

    Very simply, when we experience particularly traumatic or negative events, the information and memories may not be processed completely by our brains. These memories are encoded in the implicit memory instead of in the explicit memory, and are unable to link to adaptive memory networks in the brain. This impairs integration of adaptive functioning, and causes maladaptive responses. If it’s not there, you can’t use it.

    The disturbing memories are essentially “stuck” in the wrong part of our brain and the unresolved trauma has significant negative implications for interpersonal relationships, physical health, and responses to present situations.[1] When similar situations or similar feelings are encountered, the person’s unresolved memory of the earlier trauma can be triggered and cause a negative and often highly emotional response to the present situation. EMDR is a process which allows a person to both reprocess unresolved traumatic events and forge new connections with more adaptive responses.

    EMDR treatment is approved by the American Psychiatric Association. [See the emdr.com link below.]

    This EMDR link is a You Tube video – that briefly describes some of the EMDR process.

    Heather Boynton Comments

    “I trained in EMDR ten years ago. I realized very quickly that my patients were experiencing amazing results with this therapy. I also recognized that my patients would never experience these new insights and new learning if they had not participated in EMDR therapy.


    This revolutionary therapy has helped thousands of patients recover from such traumas as war, assaults, childhood abuse, injury and medical diseases. In addition to the traumas mentioned, one can also use EMDR to treat phobias, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. EMDR allows healing to occur much more rapidly than traditional therapy.


    In my experience as a clinician treating clients with a variety of emotional and mental health issues, EMDR is one of the most successful therapies for treating anxiety, stress, and trauma. When I use EMDR with my clients, ninety percent (90%) report their emotional distress from traumatic experiences is either eliminated all together, or greatly reduced.


    Interestingly, my clients also report that EMDR has given them the ability to gain new insights into how to handle future situations. When one integrates EMDR with other psychotherapies it maximizes total treatment effects for the client. The EMDR treatment protocol was originally developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. using the Adaptive Information Processing Model.[2] Research studies recognize EMDR as one of the most effective trauma therapies available.”

    Additional References

    If you would like to read more about the efficacy of this psychotherapy approach and for more references to check out about this topic go to www.emdr.com for information and references.


    EMDR Training Details – Download Here

    The attached brochure will provided more details about specific dates/times of the upcoming training course dates and the overview of the training highlights – download the pdf here, fill it out and do make sure it gets to the office:

    EMDR Training January 2014 Outline In pdf For Download – Click on this Link

    – All with Heather Boynton LCSW, EMDRIA Approved Trainer.



    [1] Siegal, D.J. (2002). The developing mind and the resolution of trauma. Some ideas about information processing and an interpersonal neurobiology. In F. Shapiro (Ed.). EMDR as an integrative psychotherapy approach: Experts of diverse orientations explore the paradigm prism, pp. 85-121. Washington , D.C. ; American Psychological Assoc. Books.
    [2] Shapiro, F. & Forrest, M.S. (2004). EMDR: the breakthrough therapy for overcoming anxiety, stress, and trauma (Updated edition). New York ; Basic Books: A Member of the Perseus Books Group

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