We Love Virginia Beach

Mission Statement

The Parker, Schlichter and Associates [PSA] team partners with people of all ages to achieve their fullest potential – mind, body, and spirit; focusing on core strengths to create solutions through ongoing comprehensive assessment and the most exceptional care available. At PSA we take active steps to make every meeting matter, and believe the outdated era of passivity and no direct feedback is unacceptable in modern health delivery circumstances.

Participatory medicine is in, imperial medicine is out.

What We Do

Our practice combines exceedingly experienced, common sense oriented, street-smart licensed professionals from psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, professional counseling, nursing, and nutrition to help with all of your mental health needs. Our staff functions as a team, coordinating psychotherapy and medication, when both types of treatment are appropriate. We diagnose and treat emotional and behavioral problems and, if available, file for third-party insurance coverage.

However, our focus goes beyond problems to use “positive psychology” to help patients and clients identify and develop their strengths and optimum functioning. Negativity and silence, counterproductive labels just don’t work in the context of modern neuroscience discoveries.

We are also available to health care and legal professionals and to the business world as consultants and resources.

Just Ask

If you have a question for any of our practitioners do give them a call and arrange a time to inquire, they will be happy to discuss their specific approach with you before you pay to make an appointment. We are here for you and those you care about. Please let us know how we can help.

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