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    • 04 OCT 16
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    Temporary Phone Issues

    Our office is currently having technical problems with our main phone line. Please contact 757.473.8026 to contact the office until the problem is solved. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for your patience.

    • 08 OCT 15
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    Automated Missed Appointment Calls

    If you received an automated call stating that you missed an appointment with our office, disregard the message. Also, please don’t contact the office regarding this matter! There was a glitch in the system that called over 2,000 patients that might have missed an appointment within the last 3 years. However, the glitch is fixed and

    • 05 SEP 15
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    Parent Support At PSA

    Parenting Practice at PSA – 6 Groups —————- Pull out your calendar now – October 5 is right around the corner. Only 6 sessions to evolve your family interactions. Informed, conflict resolution strategies from a senior, fun, authentic – and helpful, straightforward – social worker who understands the complexity of raising kids. Jody is accustomed

    • 17 AUG 15
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    Wallflowers, Only Briefly

    The Wallflowers Are Back! ————— Jody Foley, LCSW brings back these delightful Wallflower group meetings, one for Middle School girls and another specifically for High School girls with a variety of issues associated with self esteem, depression, peer bullying, – and including self harming activities. Download the pdf details: Here. “Only briefly” because these groups

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